The idea is to provide your dance studio with a proven dance and fitness concept
to help create better, stronger, more confident dancers.


The newest and most explosive dance fitness concept from Europe about to take over the United States

Dance-Fit Workout Like A Dancer®!

Be the FIRST to jump on board what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest fitness and dance crazes in America.

DANCE-FIT is an idea that combines the science of Interval Training with Ballet basics including Floor barre exercises, Street Jazz and Hip Hop moves from some of Hollywood’s hottest Choreographers in film and television (ABDC, SYTYCD, Janet, Britney, Cher, Will Smith, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J and many more…)

When implemented into any dance program The Dance-Fit Workout will heighten the student’s ability allowing them to thrive and feel confident about their bodies. Dancer fitness is going to become a big part of the dance world as the trend travels from across the ocean to the United States.

Nutrition, injury prevention and various other dance fitness disciplines will be the focus at every Urban Jamm convention. Our goal will be to give attending teachers and dance studio owners an option to learn more about how to create longevity in your dancer’s careers and create better habits for fitness to prolong happiness and a fitter life.

Bring the Dance Fit Workout into your studio and see what Europe has been doing for the past five years when combining dance and fitness to create more confident, stronger dancers…

For register teachers and assistant teachers only, the weekend at Urban Jamm will focus on 4 to 5 Dance and Fitness classes and lectures that are geared towards developing your knowledge of real dancer fitness.

After taking the classes packed full of energy and fun you will see that these classes are ones that you can implement at your dance studio, which in turn will give you a chance to bring inmore clientsnot just dancers but parents and people that want to dance and be fit.

Become a certified Dance Fit Workout instructor by taking our 8 hour certification workshop that will teach you the basics (open level 1) of the Dance-Fit Workout Like A Dancer® concept. You can then teach the Dance Fit Workout at your studio.

Participants will leave with an understanding of how to successfully plan, implement and teach safe and effective dance techniques from the three disciplines including;Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop that will be amped up to become a high intensity cardiovascular and strength training program.

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