• PRO DIVISION for seniors 18 and over
  • No Overall High Score to be awarded in PRO DIVISION
  • 3 Overall Highest Score cash awards
  • Trophies and Medals
  • 4 Age divisions Jr I, Jr II, SR and PRO
  • Solo, Duo/Trio, Group, Line, Production
  • Raised stages
  • Digital Critiques and Scoring
  • Each competition will be limited to 200 entries.
  • No Videotaping of Competition will be allowed but professionally captured videos will be available for purchase. Ask us how this works.

Styles: Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Open, Lyrical, Street

Junior I: Ages 6-9.9 average age
Junior II: Ages 10-13.5 average age
Senior: Ages 13.6 & 18 average age
Pro: Ages 18 & up (all competitors must be over 18 years of age)

PLEASE NOTE: Ages are computer calculated by the specific month, day and year of the dancer(s) birth date on the very day of competition.
Minimum age to compete is 6 years old.


  1. Competition registration is non-refundable. No Exceptions.
  2. Unlimited Competition entries per studio. In some cities there may be a Friday Night Competition. (Solos and Groups)
  3. If quota is reached before cut-off date, subsequent competition entries will not be accepted.
  4. Competing dancers may enter as many categories as they wish.
  5. Each studio can enter a maximum of 20 solos with a maximum of 2 solos allowed per student.
  6. Only three gymnastic tricks per routine will be allowed unless registered in open category
  7. Students may not compete for more than one studio unless registered with each studio.
  8. All routines must be appropriate for family viewing and listening.
  9. No teacher or professionals may perform with students.
  10. Assistant teachers may compete.
  11. Deadline for any changes will be 2 weeks prior to the convention.
  12. Solos and Duos/Trios are limited to (2:45) minutes maximum per routine, Groups are limited to three (3) minutes maximum per routine. Lines are limited to three (4) minutes maximum per routine • Production numbers are limited to four (5) minutes per routine, a deduction of (5) points will be made for those routines that do not comply.
  13. Any type of general prop is permissible. Use of knives, swords, or fire is prohibited.
  14. Competing dancers should be ready 30 minutes prior to the scheduled competition time.
  15. Competition money and convention money must be submitted at the same time.
  16. During competition, every contestant must wear convention issued wristbands or disqualification may result.
  17. All contestants must be registered along with their teachers or an assistant teacher (no exceptions) for the entire convention (Saturday & Sunday).
  18. Coaching from the wings and/or audience is prohibited.
  19. No glitter, or confetti may be used during competition. Students must remove feathers or debris from the stage.
  20. There must be at least two competitors in a category in order to receive overall high score monies.
  21. A $25.00 late fee will apply to each competition routine not received 14 days before convention.
  22. Soloists competing for overall high score monies must also compete with a duo/trio, group, line or production.
  23. No one over the age of 13 will be allowed to compete in the Junior I Division.
  24. General props are permitted; however, there are limitations as to how large the props can be. Please note that ceiling heights can vary in each venue.  Please check with UJDC if you have concerns with the size of a prop.  UJDC has no storage space for props.
  25. Dances will be disqualified if props take longer than 2 min to set up.
  26. Birth certificates must be supplied when requested. Photo copies are accepted.
  27. To be eligible for CASH Awards dancers MUST be registered with a studio (a studio is considered 10 or more students).
  • Time limits will be strictly enforced. Please call for extended Production exceptions.
  • Regionals: For prize money to be awarded at a regional competition, a minimum of four routines must be entered in that category.
  • National Finals: For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize money to be awarded at National Finals, a minimum of four routines must be entered in that category. If there are fewer than four routines in that category, then only 1st place prize money will be awarded. If there is only one routine entered in that category, that routine must earn a platinum medal in order to receive 1st place prize money.


Solo $110.00 (1-dancer)
Duo/Trio $65.00 per dancer (2-3 dancers)
Group $40.00 per dancer (4-9 dancers)
Line $40.00 per dancer (10-15 dancers)
Extended Line $40.00 per dancer (16-24 dancers)
Production $35.00 per dancer (25 & up dancers)

All competitors must wear convention issued wristbands during competition.

URBAN JAMM DANCE CONVENTIONS approaches competition in a positive, uplifting, fair and easy-going atmosphere! We promote and advise everyone to compete in a supportive and healthy way! This is the dancer’s time to shine—don’t turn the lights off.
These Rules and Regulations are for your benefit. Your cooperation is required to prevent your disqualification.


(In each division) Decision of the judges will be final

STREET: All Street Dances (Hip-Hop, Funk, Old School, Dancehall, etc.) judged in Street Category only.

JAZZ: All Jazz (Up-Tempo, Funky) entries judged together in Jazz Category only.

BALLET: All Ballet entries judged in Ballet Category only (Classical, Modern Abstract & Character)

TAP: All Tap entries judged together in the Tap Category only.

OPEN: All Open entries judged together in Open Category only (including Clogging, Character, Ballroom Ethnic, Novelty, Acro/Gymnastics, etc.)

LYRICAL: All Jazz Lyrical entries judged together in Lyrical Category only.

Music Requirements for competition

  • ALL ENTRIES, when possible must Upload competition music to the UJDC server 2 weeks before the event!
  • If you need assistance, please email or call UJDC. MUSIC WILL BE accepted onsite (Hard drive, Flash Drive, or I-pod). Any Music Changes onsite will result in late fees. You must bring backups to all music or disqualification may result.
  • Please NO music on CDs or tapes (iPod will be used as a back-up ONLY).   Any back-up needed due to technical difficulties will be submitted to our sound booth.


  • Each routine will be adjudicated by three judges based on 100 pts. each for technique, presentation, musicality, choreography, precision and appearance.
  • Each routine will be given a rating:
  • 210-239 SILVER  240 – 269 GOLD    270 – over PLATINUM. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies will be awarded in each category based on highest scores. All ties will be broken by the technique score.  Competitors in the Junior I age division will not receive Platinum, Gold or Silver certificates. Only trophies will be awarded.
  • We will ONLY award trophies to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place routines in each category. However, everyone will receive a medal or competition participation gift.


Production numbers receive 4 minutes on stage to walk through their positions WHEN POSSIBLE. NO dancing, NO props,
NO music allowed. When there are more than one hundred entries, no time on stage will be given! NO EXCEPTIONS!
Cash awards will be given to the Overall Highest Scoring routine in each Age Division or Category. Second and Third Place Overall Highest Scoring routines may be awarded depending on the amount of entries.


  • Three (3) judges will adjudicate all entries. ONE Judges critique video will be provided with all Judges comments on the same Video.
  • Judges’ score sheets and critiques will be available at registration the following day. *ALL SCORE SHEETS WILL BE DISCARDED AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE EVENT. These items will be given to the Teacher/Studio Director only! Please do not discuss scoring with the judges!
  • *To be eligible for CASH Awards dancers MUST be registered with a studio. Ten students and a Registered Teacher or Assistant Teacher on the same form will be considered a “Studio”.
  • Decisions of the judges are final!!


  • Best Choreography and Best Overall Performance Awards will be given out. All participants will receive an award or Medal!


By participating in this competition all contestants automatically give their consent of images, picture or any other form of electronic recording to be used by Urban Jamm Dance Conventions for advertising or any other commercial purpose.


Participants are expected to recognize the risks of physical injury innate to dance and dance performances. All contestants must be willing to assume those risks. Upon entering this event it is agreed that participants will not hold Urban Jamm Dance Conventions or its employees liable for any injuries sustained or any illnesses contracted while in attendance and/or performing in any activity related to an Urban Jamm Dance Conventions event.