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Great Instructors expose their students to other Great Instructors, making themselves Greater Instructors

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In 2018, the majority of dance conventions focus mainly on one of two dance influences; either the more technically inclined, which includes ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary styles or the street inclined which includes hip-hop, funk and street jazz influences. Urban Jamm Dance Conventions will cover the entire spectrum and have the best of both dance influences by incorporating an equal amount of classes with additional education and focus on dancer health and fitness.

Executive Director & Founder

Johhnie Smith

Johnnie Smith has retaken the reigns of Urban Jamm Dance Conventions and plans on coming back with a BANG! His goal is to Combine the Dance industry with the Fitness industry, something that has never been done before.  At the same time, he plans to bring the country Instruction from some of the biggest choreographers and fitness instructors in the world. The focus will be on his well known Hip Hop only ballrooms and classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and various other styles. He will also introduce a groundbreaking one of a kind workout created specifically for dancers called, “The Dance Fit Workout”.

“The Dance Fit Workout” creator, Johnnie Smith, is trained in ballet, jazz and street styles and has been a Hollywood choreographer, dancer, dance instructor and group fitness instructor for over 31 years. “Dancers need this type of training and a workout that suits them; focusing on their technique, their strength and cardiovascular endurance”. As a dancer and /or choreographer, Johnnie has worked with some of the biggest artists in the entertainment industry including; Will Smith, LL Cool J, Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, Queen Latifah, PRINCE, Carmen Elektra,  B.U.M. Equipment, Armani, Hi-Tec Sportswear,Inc., European recording artists Squeezer and RNG to name just a few…

As a Writer and a Director, Johnnie has sold projects to one of the biggest television show producers in the world, Jerry Bruckheimer Television, and presently has various television and film projects in different stages of development”.

“As I’ve tried to leave the dance world behind and focus on family and a writing career, dance has always had a certain hold on me. Instead of fighting it all, I’ve decided to listen to the advice of my ballet teacher that was given to me over 30 years ago…”You should dance for the rest of your life” “Never ever quit” WELCOME BACK